Behavioural Dynamic Model of Consensus,
Cohesion, Conflict and Potency of Top
Management Teams in a Textile and Apparel

Luis Chang, Percy Marquina and Emigdio Alfaro

CENTRUM Católica’s Working Paper No. 2015-11-0018



This research studied the relationships among the consensus, the cohesion, the conflict and the potency of the top management teams in a textile and apparel sector. In order to achieve its goal, this study used four validated scales: (a) Strategic Orientation of Business Enterprises Scale for measuring consensus, (b) Perceived Cohesion Scale for measuring cohesion, (c) Interpersonal Conflict Scale for measuring conflict, and (d) Guzzo, Yost, and Campbell Scale for measuring potency. The conclusions were the following: (a) by well managing cohesion, consensus and conflict, the top management team can acquire potency, (b) the used scales with small changes are appropriate for evaluating the constructs, and (c) the proposed model was validated, with the precision that the influence of cohesion by itself seems not too important. Finally, some topics were suggested for future researches.

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